At the Hampshire Potato Days we hope to expand on the trials that we have been running over the last few years by making available a limited amount of tubers, which as other years will be provided free of charge, on the condition that feedback is provided.

We have found this feedback very useful as it provides us with findings on many different soil conditions, pests, weather and most of all, preferences.

Beyond our usual trial varieties Red Robin and Blue Moon, we would like a few interested people to trial some of our other new breeds.

We usually have a number of new exciting breeds that we would like people to trial for us, however at this moment in time we have not formalised the exact amounts, but this will become clear nearer the potato day. This is due to demand and allowing us to use sufficient quantities to bulk up for future trails.

If you would like to participate in these trials, we would like to ask you to send us an e-mail, fax or send us a letter. You can find our contact details here. Please also indicate which varieties you would be interested in. We will then bring the tubers with us to the Hampshire Potato Day and distribute them.

We are not able to attend the potato day, however our colleagues will be able to distribute them on our behalf.

We only have a limited amount of tubers available as they are still very early varieties, however we will do our best to have enough for everyone that is interested.

If you are not able to attend the show, we can send some to you, however this depends on availability following the show, and although the tubers will be available free of charge, we would ask for the postage/packaging costs to be paid for by yourselves.











Potato Planting UK 2007

Trialing field UK 2007

Soting & Sizing Red Robin

Red Robin in Crates

Potato Trial evaluation Holland