Jalving Potatoes started large scale potato growing and breeding in 1980 in Den Andel, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Potato breeding is a very specialised and difficult process that requires vast amounts of time, effort and knowledge. However until a good earning potato is produced, any breeding business is not profitable on its own.

Therefore as a business in Den Andel, we did not only breed potatoes but also produced top quality seed potatoes which were sent all over the world. The farm grew about 95 acres of top class seed potatoes each year, and what it lacked in size, it made up in quality.

In 2009 we decided to concentrate all the efforts in Holland on breeding, so we sold the seed growing business after 30years, and moved the breeding business to Wezup in Drenthe.

In recent years we have become more and more successful at breeding new varieties of potato and have had many near breakthroughs. The potato market is ever changing, and currently we are planning to introduce two new varieties into the market in the coming years.

We have a working relationship with Agrico, one of the leading cooperatives and share our knowledge in the breeding programmes.

We operate a number of breeding lines, some of which are outlined below:

  • Special and novelty varieties. This is due to our knowledge of the British potato market.
  • New varieties which have enhanced health benefits, by natrurally increasing Carotene & antioxidants levels which are proven to reduce certain cancers and somewhat prevent old age eye sight problems.
  • Varieties that have increased or complete resistance to blight in leaf and tuber but that maintain the traditional flavour of the potato.
  • Varieties that can be grown without the need for additional water (irrigation) and less fertilisers. This is important as irrigation is not always possible, and the incleasing cost of fertiliser make the crop more expensive.

In 2006 we purchased a 26acre farm in North Shropshire where we are working together with our business in Holland in trialling and breeding new varieties. We are currently busy building up the farm with machinery, accommodation and getting to grips with the climate and soil conditions.

This farm is in an ideal location, being just north of Telford and the M54; it is also 2 miles from Harper Adams, one of the leading Agricultural Universities in this country.

We are attending the Hampshire Potato Days on a regular basis. In recent years we have given away Red Robin and Blue Moon potatoes for people to trial and provide us with feedback. Following the success of this, we usually invite people to trial some different varieties that we have developed. More information on this can be found here, or follow the link on the left hand side.


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Potato Planting UK 2007

Trialing field UK 2007

Soting & Sizing Red Robin

Red Robin in Crates

Potato Trial evaluation Holland